Follow up : Taeyang’s SOLAR album launching campaign example, part 2

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This is a quick follow-up of the previous article.

It seems the anticipation marketing campaign surrounding Taeyang’s SOLAR album release worked quite well :

– all the 30 000 deluxe edition copies have been sold

– the normal edition has been released

– the album has rather good rankings on online charts

– Taeyang has already ranked #1 on several music shows these past weeks (check his first win, I think, here).

Taeyang winning 1st spot...

– the new MV has been released : here (check here for the previous version). It was apparently met with more success than the 1st version…

– Taeyang is in full promotion mode : singing live often, and always getting cheering.

Picture from the new MV

So it seems quite safe to say this campaign was a success, mostly because  Taeyang delivered (it’s not the case for all the artists promoted this way in Korea – some don’t deliver, and since the anticipation is usually made to be really high, the downfall is even harder…). It is not a blasting success, with his single being played all the time everywhere for example, shooting Taeyang at a superstar status. Rather, it is a moderate success, and it’s what I tend to think the plan was.

Still, Taeyang remains quite special among Korean popular artists because he doesn’t try to follow the trend. Being successful while not following the trend is quite an achievement in a country like this ! This is the true success of this campaign.

Good job !


2010/07/20 update :

I forgot to mention the fact that Taeyang’s album was very well received outside of Korea, as soon as it was released through iTunes stores, especially in Canada and the USA (for more details about that, check a recent interview here, and its translation in English here). It was met with success in South-Korea only after a while, whereas it was an instant success on these iTunes stores… Taeyang’s music seems to have an international appeal that several other Korean artists can only dream of. This makes him “someone to watch” I guess ! We’ll see how far this will lead him to.

But using an online marketing strategy to promote his new album sure was a clever move considering all this : there’s no better way to reach people all around the world ! And it’s been a great success so far (and keeps getting more attention and success).


Another artist of the same company will soon release his come-back album. Se7en (the artist in question) is about to come back on the Korean music scene after a failed break-out in the US back in 2007 (after starting his career in Korea in 2003). He hasn’t released any new music since that time, which is the equivalent of being like dead for an entertainer in South-Korea !

The strategy built around his comeback is the same as for Taeyang’s album. The difference lies in the fact that Se7en has more experience and more albums released than Taeyang, so the expectations are probably not the same. And Se7en’s new music doesn’t seem to be the same kind as Taeyang’s…

The campaign : Se7en has a special teaser put on the entertainment company main page, as well as a special website for him. The titles of his album tracks have also been revealed not all at the same time. But there doesn’t seem to be a deluxe edition, and there is only one preview of just one song (not a minute-long preview of 7 songs).

I’m not going to focus on this campaign (except if something interesting about it comes up), but I just wanted to point out the similarity of the two campaigns, probably because both are artists of the same company.

Se7en teaser


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“Anticipation” marketing in South-Korea – Taeyang’s SOLAR album launching campaign example La marque “France”

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